PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising


CreativePoint provides a wide range of PPC, or ‘Pay-Per-Click’, services and packages for businesses of all sizes around the Globe. Our aim is to generate leads or sales for your business – not just drive more traffic to your site – so we use our expertise to reduce the cost per conversion and provide typical savings of 20-50%.

We have being running PPC contracts for ourselves and clients since 2008. We have a wealth of experience in the Paid Search arena and continue to achieve great results for our clients across multiple platforms including Google AdWords, Bing and Yahoo. We offer fixed monthly management fees and have an impressive track record of improving conversion rates and lowering the cost per lead or sale in order to maximise the ROI of our campaigns.

Our PPC service

Our PPC campaigns are effective and successful because we focus only on what works in terms of increasing targeted traffic and conversions:

1) Research – Free initial PPC audit

Our service begins by carrying out a free audit of your current Paid Search campaigns in order to identify the areas for improvement and begin to build a bespoke strategy that works with your budget with full recommendations; (identifying areas of weakness, cost savings or opportunities to improve conversions and/or ROI).

If you are new to PPC and have never run a campaign before then don’t worry. We will provide Keyword research, traffic and budget estimates and proposals, to create campaigns with a granular ad group structure.

We also use Competitive intelligence and market insights using data from our AdThena research tool (optional contract to use this tool on an ongoing basis at a discounted monthly rental).

Complete the form below if you would like a free audit of your PPC and Analytics accounts.

2) PPC account set-up

A well-structured campaign can make all the difference when it comes to making the most out of your ad spend. We engineer your PPC campaigns to increase Quality Scores across all of your keywords, which means your budget stretches to more clicks and more conversions.

3) Ongoing account optimisation and management

Setting a PPC campaign up correctly is only half the equation. We then optimise accounts on an ongoing basis, trimming out the keywords that aren’t performing for you and channelling your budget to the keywords that lead to conversions. We need to spend a minimum of 1.5 days per month on most accounts in order to allow sufficient time each week for optimisation.

Our ongoing account management also extends to running A/B tests across ad copy and landing pages as well as other Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques. Click here to find out more.

Each client has a dedicated client services account manager and technical project manager (all our staff are Google accredited).

  • Teleconference kick-off meeting
  • Weekly teleconference with recent findings, objectives for following weeks, Q & A, others as required
  • Unlimited email and phone support
  • Monthly reports and recommendation including cross channels reports, Analytics, revenue and ROI
  • Quarterly review and/or meeting

In addition to the technical work carried out on your account, we allocate a minimum of half a day per month for client services and account feedback activities. There is no additional fee for our standard client services, although you can opt to pay for our premium account management service with additional days per month.

PPC Management Fees and Packages

a) Ad Spend of <$5,000 per month

Advertisers spending less than $5,000 often find that employing a Google accredited agency is too expensive and will opt to manage their campaigns in-house.  This is because you will need a minimum of 1.5 days per month in order to carryout all the necessary management and optimisation tasks.

If you have a lower budget, then we recommend that you take part in one of our 5-day boot camps so you can learn the tricks and tips used by our team of accredited AdWord professionals.  Alternatively we can provide a combination of training, account set-up and ongoing consultancy/supervision to help your in-house team manage the accounts themselves.

Please complete the form below if you would like some free consultancy to advise you on the best way to manage your account in-house with our training or practical advice.

b) Ad Spend of >$5,000 per month

If you are currently (or intending) to spend more than $5,000 per month on your ad spend then we expect we will be able to make savings of 25-50% by us managing your PPC account on your behalf (or by switching from your existing agency).

Our savings are mainly made by creating a very granular account, which helps to increase your Quality Scores, so we reduce the CPC you have to pay. We also have tried and tested optimisation methods, which allows us to weed out the parts of your account that wastes money and redirect your budget to the highest performing campaigns.

Our free technical audit will allow us to identify these savings and help you understand our approach and witness our expertise in practice.

Contact us now for a free PPC audit and consultation

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